Blockbuster Ticket

User Interface Design • Aug 2022

The Siegel+Gale summer internship project 2022. A cross-department collaboration to model and propose an aggregate streaming service product under the revitalized Blockbuster brand. My role as Experience intern was to develop UI in conversation with strategy and creative research. Web experience created alongside Design intern Anmol Govinda Rao. Under the guidance of Jared Fink and Amy Chen.


Project Brief

The online streaming industry has seen staggering growth over the years, but the growing number of platforms spread desirable content thin while subscription costs rise. Briefed on the oversaturation within the online streaming industry and the flaws of Blockbuster's business model, the Siegel+Gale NY intern team was tasked with creating an aggregator streaming service that could unify the divided body of content under the revitalized Blockbuster name.

Surveys + Interviews

Identifying our target users as owners of multiple streaming subscriptions in the US, we conducted interviews and a nationwide survey to better understand the online streaming landscape. Accumulating 137 survey respondents and 15 interviewees, we navigated the problem space that our users faced.


Discoveries + Solutions

Through our interviews and survey data, we were able to identify painpoints revolved around content discovery and subscription fees. Through statistical analysis and user testimony, we concluded that streaming fragmentation has created increasingly frustrating experiences for consumers—and that an aggregator streaming platform is the solution they need.


Say that the increase in streaming services makes it challenging to find what they’re looking for


Say they wish there was a bundled streaming service that would allow them to choose as few or as many streaming services as they wanted


Viewer with 3, 4, and 5 streaming subscriptions

Competitive Analysis

Through our Strategy teams' competitive audits, we determined that there was no single leader in the online streaming sector despite its volume and that there is white space for Blockbuster to establish a unique streaming experience. This would go on to inform the creation of our Blockbuster's web experience and user interface.


How might we deliver a streamlined experience dedicated to discovering entertainment?

Visualizing the streaming experience

Mapping out the experience points and swim lanes found through our user insights.


Defining + refining the journey

Identifying distinct painpoints in the current streaming experience to generate opportunities.

User persona

Synthesizing key moments in the streaming experience from user testimony to better inform who we're creating the product for.




Design moments + integration

Design collateral informed by design audits of previous Blockbuster branding guide the visuals of the user experience and interfaces.

Collateral mockup, credits to Design team

Final Deliverable and Proposal

The Blockbuster Ticket user page integrates our developed user features into our branded interfaces. It is crucial for our novel service to effectively communicate its functions to the user, so as to make unfamiliar solutions approachable and intuitive.

Landing site

The landing page of, with its color palette and visual layout informed directly by our design direction. The interface is populated by the darker colors in our brand palette to reduce eye strain for our viewers while they watch their favorite shows.


Search Filter

Providing the best show suggestions while preserving the fun of exploring new content was crucial to original user experience, so we created filters that cater to the explorative processes of as many viewers as possible.

Bundle System

The largest frustration shared among our users was finding much of the content that they don't want and little of the content that they do. Our solution was a monthly bundle system, where you renew the platforms that you can watch content on. By diversifying the sources of content, the user can keep their content intake fresh and save time and energy finding the shows they want.



Blockbuster Ticket can wishlist shows across all our platforms. When you wishlist something outside of your current bundle, Blockbuster Ticket can remind you during your next re-bundle to select the platforms that can best fulfill your wishlist.

Bundle Renewal

The bundle renewal system lets users explore new platforms while keeping their favorites, providing show  suggestions personalized to the user's wishlist.


Show & review page

The individual show page lets you directly access shows and user reviews from across social media. Recommendations from friends is a major factor in finding new shows, so we’ve created Blockbuster Ticket’s own social media platform to connect with friends who can inform you of your next watch.

Snack delivery

Through our partnership with Gopuff, you can access snack discount codes that you can directly order from our site. Blockbuster Ticket can also make snack suggestions referencing the shows you’ve watched.


Trailer reel

Trailers are another deciding factor in what people watch. A page dedicated to trailers of upcoming movies and shows was our solution to conveniently finding your next best watch.

Blockbuster Ticket available across a variety of screens, mockup designed by Anmol Govinda Rao
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